The Weight Management Group is designed to encourage and support people who want to change or maintain their body size.  Whether you want to gain, lose, or maintain your size and weight we support you!  Sessions focus on the mental and emotional challenges and barriers to achieving our stated goals.  We have practices to help raise our awareness of beliefs and thought patterns that keep us from truly embracing our hearts' desires.  During each session, participants will build their own affirmation for the coming week to help reinforce a positive self-image and feelings of self-worth.AdobeStock 33863775

Participants will be asked to commit to a food and exercise plan and there will be a weigh-in or measure-in (your choice) at the start of each session. This will help you, and us, track your progress over time.  Rather than providing one diet plan or exercise routine for everyone, we believe that any food and exercise plan must fit you specifically, and that it is your choice and your responsibility to find what works for you.  We have some samples and suggestions available on the resource page and will have print copies at the sessions.  Facilitators are happy to go over how these plans are designed to work. 

We expect to hold periodic workshops that address meal planning, shopping and exercise routines, outside of the regularly scheduled meetings.  Also, one-on-one time for discussion of a particular plan or challenge can be scheduled with facilitators.

Most of all, these sessions are designed to bring joy and ease to this process of change.  Gaining or losing weight does not have to take over anyone's life to the exclusion of family, friends, hobbies, work, or just finding your joy.