Traffic LightWe are standing in the middle of the street, gathered together to march for women’s rights, for human rights, and compassion.  The street light changes from green to yellow to red, oblivious to the fact that there is no traffic to control, oblivious to what is happening all around it. 

We have been stopped, but not by the red light.  We have been stopped by the status quo, by the powerful, the rich, the ones who outvoted us, by life.  We have each made our little contribution in the microcosm of our world, feeling powerless to do any more.


We have been cautioned, but not by the yellow light.  We have been cautioned not to make waves, not to protest, not to be violent by the very people who throw caution to the wind, who interrupt our lives, our health, our right to choose, and who have protested with violence for years.

We go now, not because of the green light, but because it is our right to choose, to change the status quo, to exercise our power, to honor the richness of our contribution to this country.  We go because we want to make waves; peaceful, powerful waves, that contribute to the macrocosm of life in this country, every life in this country. 

We interrupt our lives to stand in the middle of the street to be the red light that stops those who would treat anyone with disrespect.  We stop those who want to limit basic human rights and the ability to live a dignified life in the pursuit of happiness.  

We interrupt our lives to be the yellow light that cautions those who would do violence to us, who would limit our choices, who would deny us healthcare and sustenance; caution them that we will not stand idly by and allow that to happen to us or to our neighbors and friends.

We interrupt our lives to be the green light and walk down the middle of the street, peacefully, harmoniously, supporting each other, being counted, being heard, being present in this country.  We move forward in respect for those we oppose, but not without resolve.  We will not be stopped.  We will not be cautioned into silence.

We are here, in the middle of the street.  We are women, men, straight, gay, transgender, Latina, Native, Asian, African, White, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist, Agnostic, old, infant, teen, young adult, mature, healthy, infirm, liberal, conservative, pacifist, aggressive.  The superfluous traffic light cannot control the excitement, the peace, the determination, the demonstration under it, around, in spite of it. 

We are standing together - out loud.

#empowerment #awareness #conversations

Women’s March San Diego – January 2017