Chefs Surprise resized

Yesterday I made a silly comment on Facebook about my morning.  It was not accompanied by a picture, or a famous quote, or anything to make it stand out.  Almost immediately, there were 'likes' and comments from friends.  And throughout the day, the number of friends who noticed the comment kept growing. 

But wait, there's more!  About two minutes after I posted my comment, my phone rang.  It was a friend from Denver who had seen the comment, knew I was awake, and decided to touch base.  We hadn't talked in months and it felt really good to hear his voice and catch up for a few minutes. 

It was such a pleasant surprise to see the reaction to my comment and to have a phone call from a friend.  The feeling of being connected lifted my entire day to a new level.  Oh, I knew some of the 'likes' and comments were sure to happen.  But there were people who noticed the comment, and in doing so noticed me, who I did not expect to hear from. 

This morning I am thinking about the impact of small actions.  I am wondering who is feeling lighter because I noticed something they did.  Today I want to say the positive things I am thinking about someone else.  I want to 'like' out loud, not just from within.  I want to send the email I have been putting off, and make the phone call I never find time for.  I want to be the Chef's Surprise at someone else's dinner table.

This day I feel gratitude for the capacity to be surprised, and for the being surrounded with people who lift my spirits.  I am so grateful that I don't know all of the items on the menu in the main meal of this life.  I am so grateful that there will always be a Chef's Surprise on the menu, and that it is, and always will be, the most delicious dish.