A few weeks ago, I had the honor of being asked to write a guest blog for my friend Indy Quillen.  I was introduced to Indy through a mutual friend of ours, also a writer, Ann Young.  Indy had seen from my website that I make my own soap and she wanted me to write something for the DIY section of her blog. You can read the guest blog here.

What made this experience so rich for me was that I connected with someone new on several levels and that I got to write about something I’m passionate about and that makes the main meal of life delicious for me.  It turns out Indy is interested in learning how to make soap and we are planning a working day together in the near future.  How fun!

The act of writing on a specific topic at someone else’s request has also gotten me unstuck.  I’ve been in ‘recuperation’ mode after surgery for so long that I had almost forgotten how to be normal.  The process of sitting down to write a blog, making edits, rewriting, and sending it off came back so naturally and gave me a sense of myself again.  It felt so good and so right to write.

Yes, I’ve been writing on specific topics for my newly formed Weight Management Group for a month now, but again, that’s a different type of focus.  There is an element of coaching or teaching in those topics that makes the process very different from blogging about what gives me joy and inspires wonder in my life. 

For so many months I’ve been the teacup perched on the edge of the saucer, rattling around and unsteady.  At long last, I’m firmly seated in the center of that saucer, sure of my place, and steady as a rock, ready to roll!  Let the blogging begin again!

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